MJW Grain Inc

Lind, Washington

MJW Grain Inc is a 5th generation family farm outside of Lind, Washington.

"Grain is how we define ourselves, it’s our way of life," says Maya, president and 5th generation farmer.

MJW Grain Inc specialize in heirloom grains, one being Triticale. This grain is a cross between rye and durham wheat and originated in Scotland and Germany in the late 19th century. One of the benefits of this cross is the low in gluten and high in lysine.

MJW Grain selects varieties that are naturally more disease resistant to reduce the amount of pesticide usage. They use no till methods to further reduce pesticide usage and lower their carbon footprint.

Sharing their story and passion for growing unique grains is part of their core. Customers also a receive special glimpse into what makes their grains special through a farm tour. They get to experience the rolling fields, family’s passion for the growing along with their grains, and opportunity to test the quality of their soil and grains.

“We want to have a relationship with our clients, much like we have with our crops,” says Maya.

We have the honor of working with MJW Grain Inc and are currently malting their Triticale variety. Be one of the many breweries and distilleries featuring their unique grains.

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