Free All-Grain Amber Recipe

This beer tastes very rich and malty compared to any amber made in the United States. There is a strong malt aroma not usually present in other ambers, and the finishing taste is almost a sweet raisin flavor from our unique Crystal 40 malt. Enjoy!


Malt Varieties

Why Palouse Pint is Different

Palouse Pint in Spokane, WA is a project of LINC Foods, a worker and farmer owned cooperative. That means that seventy-five cents on the dollar spent on our products goes right back in the farmers pocket, 100% of every dollar spent with us goes right back in the local economy.



We search out the best local farmers we can find, who are seeking to take care of the soil, reduce pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer use, and improve biodiversity on their farms.

Single Origin

We purchase barley, wheat, rye, oats and other specialty grains from our local farmer-members, malt them, and then sell them to small craft brewers, distillers, home-brew enthusiast and bakers. We aim to create malt with a great story, great flavor, and a regional character. All of our malt is single-source, grown by members of LINC Foods, and come with the story of the farmer, the crop and the grain.

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Farm to Glass

Palouse Pint is carefully crafted with a unique farm to glass story. Cultivate the taste of the fertile Palouse and bring your beer to the next level with our incredibly flavorful malt.

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Why craft malt?

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Crystal / Biscuit
40 Malt

15lbs of Crystal/Biscuit 40L malt
Use to add reddish hue and a biscuity raisin flavor. Delicious deep arromatic flavor and color and More fermentable than a standard Crystal 40 malt.
73% Extract, 42.8 Lovibond
Made from Joseph's Grainery Baronesse Barley


Light Munich Malt

15lbs of Light Munich Malt
Use to add a caramel flavor to any beer. Can be used up to 100% in the grist.
73% Extract, 7.54 Lovibond, 65 DP, 3.8% moisture
Made from Joseph's Grainery Baronesse Barley


Triticale Malt

15lbs of Triticale Malt
28 PPG, 5.3 Lovibond, 170 DP, 4.8% Moisture
Made from MJW Grain Inc. Triticale


English Pale Malt

15lbs of English Pale Malt
Great as a base malt for any beer. Biscuity, delicious pale malt. Think Maris Otter, but local and more flavorful.
76% Extract, 2.71 Lovibond, 76 DP, 3.4% moisture
Made from Joseph's Grainery Baronesse Barley


White Wheat Malt

15lbs of White Wheat Malt
Use for wheat beers and in any beer for head retention. Malted as a pale and thus has a rich wheat flavor.
81.6% Extract, 2.2 Lovibond, 109 DP, 4.6% moisture
Made from Joseph's Grainery Cashup White Wheat

Great Pilsner!

Spokane Pilsner Malt

15lbs of Spokane Pilsner Malt
Great for lagers, Pilsner style beers, as a base for wheat beers. More flavor than any commodity Pilsner malt, Distinct Pilsner flavor and smell.
76% Extract, 1.85 lovibond, 80 DP, 3.8% moisture
Made from Joseph's Grainery Baronesse Barley

Meet the Maltster

Joel Williamson

Joel was born and raised in Spokane, the child of Palouse farmers dating back to his great grandfather and the founding of Jacobson Greenhouses in 1917. Joel studied technical theatre, politics, economics, art, sustainable business and alternative financing, all which eventually led him to craft malting and cooperative business models as a way to improve his home town for future generations.

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